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Make sure none of them have any splits, tears, etc. If you spray a water mist near and around the sides of your carburetor or fuel injector for that matter while the engine is running and the engine speeds up, then you have a vacuum leak. Vacuum leaks are a smog test failure waiting to happen; the NOx part of the test is what will do you in.

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The risky business part relates as to what to do about it. Can you pinpoint the exact location of the leak? If you can determine the exact location of the vacuum leak, you have a decision to make: This article will not address as to what that decision should be. Using gasket glop on the side and figuring out when to turn the engine off before it's sucked into the carburetor?

You are on your own. It is common knowledge advancing the timing above specs will increase performance.

How to avoid Smog Check Legally

However, if the timing is not within manufacturer specifications, you will flunk the smog test. The previously mentioned resources will give you everything you need to know about replacing the points if need be , setting or checking and readjusting the dwell, timing and idle. The factory specs for the engine timing, idle speed, and other info is stamped on a metal plate or decal, usually located towards the front of the engine compartment.

Talk:California Smog Check Program

One of your local auto parts places may have a tool loaner program for the timing light and the special wrench you may need. Or you can skip this section and just go ahead and take the smog test. Only you can decide which items to implement and which to forgo. Though all the belts are at proper tension and have even been sprayed with dressing, the fan belts are still squealing like a banshee?

The cause may very well be a seized smog pump.

Start the engine and look at the pulleys. Are they all spinning smoothly or is one of them actually motionless or moving intermittently? If so, there is your squealing belt. And very likely, that pulley is the one attached to your smog pump. Eventually, it is what every single one of those things always does. Depending on how much work room there is in that area of the engine compartment and what other components the fan belt is connected to, you might get lucky and be able to remove the pulley from the pump with the pump still attached to the engine.

If so, it is a convenient way to get that done, what with the rest of the car politely holding the pump still for you. Your fan belt squealing problem is solved. Needless to say, don't forget to remove the belt along with the pulley. Leave the old pump in the car until you are ready to replace it.

If the wrong bit of bad luck comes along, you could end up being accused of smog equipment tampering. With the old pump still in the car, you can prove right then and there the thing had frozen and you had no choice. There are too many variables for this page to properly address how to replace a seized smog pump. However, here are some general thoughts on the subject. If the pump is towards the top of the engine compartment, it might be feasible to do it yourself.

However, if the thing is at the bottom of the engine compartment, you are probably stuck with having to go to a mechanic. First thing to do is learn about smog air pumps in general and what the average prices are online. Next is a trip to the auto parts store and a long chat with the counter person. Among other things, is an exchange required? What exactly are the prices for new versus rebuilt?

How to Pass The Smog Inspection -

Whatever information you learn, you don't have to make any decisions until you are ready. If picking up the replacement pump at a store, bring the pulley and bolts. You want to be sure the bolt holes and threads match. Good luck when this particular adventure happens to you. Note I said "when", not "if". This is one of those universal car owner experiences. If so, you have automatically flunked the smog test. Sticking a wire brush up the tailpipe and cleaning out the accumulation won't hurt.

Do this several days before the test, so the loosened grit has time to be completely blown out. Does your state include a safety test along with the smog test? If not, sooner or later they will get around to that. You want your car to look as good as possible. If it shows you care about your car, maybe the technician will care about you in those borderline situations.

As a side note, the same psychology comes into play when you are pulled over for a traffic violation and the officer is considering whether to give you a ticket or not. It is the person at the front counter you have to worry about. If that person instructs the technician to flunk your vehicle, then that is what will probably happen. First, of course, is the thief. Depending on how your state sets things up, you may be scammed into paying for unnecessary repairs.

Second, is the Self-Appointed-World-Policeman. Third, is the overly-sensitive, self-defensive personality-type. This personality type usually develops from being hammered in high school for something or the other; usually some sort of physical appearance attribute, though it could be for other reasons as well. Practically anything can set this personality-type off: The second and third personality-types may possibly be more prevalent in the smaller shops. Of course all of the above is a blatant violation of your civil rights. And is of course completely unfair and outright illegal.

However, what do you want to do? Smog shops advertising on the internet are probably your best bet. They know you know how to go to the various forums and trash them if they try anything unethical.

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They know you know how to find all the relevant federal, state, county, city, and consumer related addresses if you wish to send complainant emails. Besides, they are in a very competitive business. Some of them are most likely handing out big, fat coupons or discounts. Also, be sure it is what is called a "Star Station" or your state's equivalent when your state's testing specifications require it. Your state may have an auto repair program which will provide financial assistance. Your state may have a special dispensation program to give you time. The smog test station should have this information.

The website s might also have a complaint section. The website address es should be printed on your Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice. If you truly believe your car should have passed the smog test, the smog test referee will do a second smog test to confirm or refute the findings of the first test. There is currently no charge for this second test, subject to change at any time.

Other states may or may not have similar programs. If your car flunks the smog test and you've decided it's just not worth it anymore, some states will pay you to retire your car. You get the cash.

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They dismantle the car and it goes to scrap. You put off the test until the last minute; and you flunk it.