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On rough days, you burn more fuel than when the seas are smooth.

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Most boats leave for the tuna grounds in the wee hours — some as early as 11 p. The early departure allows for an arrival at the pens — which might be more than 60 miles below the border — at first light. Most offshore boats run with radar to detect other vessels and hard targets such as the Coronado Islands 14 miles south of Point Loma. Tuna pens also carry radar reflectors, and the tugs themselves generate strong returns. Sometimes a school will follow the hooked fish to the boat. However, private boats usually play it conservatively with the live chum, as this quickly depletes a live-bait supply.

Passenger sport-fishing boats, on the other hand, carry more bait and chum more heavily. More common than trolling is drift-fishing the pens. This involves positioning downwind and slightly ahead of a pen while fly-lining three or four live baits. Schools of bluefins sometimes roam widely around a pen, as much as a mile or two away, according to Pfeiffer. Whether trolling or drifting, safety dictates that you give the pens, tugs and tow lines a wide berth. The bluefins are sometimes 60 to feet or more below the surface.

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Keep your eye on the fish finder, and look for marks that reveal where the fish are holding. When the fish refuse to come up, two techniques prove effective. The most common is dropping a heavy metal jig such as a Salas 6X Jr. Fish these jigs yo-yo style, dropping the jig straight down through the meter marks, then retrieving rapidly.

The other technique is a 2-ounce egg or torpedo sinker over a live bait on a 3-foot leader. A bluefin tuna crashes a topwater popper with fury and vengeance. Even though anglers can jig up these fish, they generally become addicted to the topwater strike. Tough Tackle Eight years ago, when reports of bluefin tuna first leaked out of Hatteras, professional big-game angler Sami Ghandour paid attention. As owner of Saltywater tackle shop in Sayreville, New Jersey, Ghandour deals almost exclusively in light-tackle gear for monster fish.

How to prepare your boat and gear for catching giant bluefin tuna.

He also organizes trips around the world for topwater junkies to score bucket-list species. Since then, he has seen the bluefin grow larger each winter. Last winter, they caught fish up to pounds. The latest generation of big-game topwater lures are hand-turned and custom-painted. But bluefin in feeding mode violently attack them. That means through-wire construction to connect the hooks to the mainline. Battling a sumo wrestler with 50 pounds of drag is too much for the hardware to take. For jigging, he uses a shorter rod that applies more vertical pressure to the fish with a reel such as a Shimano Stella spin or Studio Ocean Mark Blue Heaven LN conventional.

Improvements in materials and technique have definitely made it possible to tackle bigger and bigger bluefin, but Ghandour worries about what they might face this winter. Giant Bluefin Techniques Armed with the best tackle, the angler must go toe-to-toe with these beasts. From casting, dropping and working the jig to the jarring strike, unrelenting battle and vicious weather conditions, a lot of factors work against the man on the rod.

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As the owner of Black Hole rods, he tests his toughest tackle on the biggest bluefin. This year, he expects giant fish to max out his gear. Fighting larger fish has encouraged anglers to develop better techniques. As the boat approaches a school of fish, Song lands the lure a few feet beyond the fish and works back slowly. Song works the lure by making long pulls on the rod interrupted with a short pause.

On the strike, fight the impulse to hit the fish hard. Wait for the rod tip to bend over, indicating that the tuna is moving away with the lure. Once the bluefin makes its initial run, it will usually settle in for a long, vertical fight. Recreational anglers need special permits and must file catch reports.

The angler has to work closely with the captain to orchestrate the fight. Rooks tries to keep the line at a degree angle to the water. Staying in front of the fish, Rooks believes, keeps it coming toward the boat. If the tuna gets an opportunity to turn its head away from the angler, it will dig in and go to work. When a group of crime fighting turtles that love pizza become huge pop culture icons, it's a no-brainer that a pizza company should do business with them. Children of the '70s were lucky enough to own small toy ovens shaped like the restaurant in which they could bake tiny little Pizza Hut pizzas under a watt light bulb.

An year-old Elijah Wood got his start flinging potato salad at his co-star; Ringo Starr and the Monkees marveled at the stuffed-crust pizza; and former Soviet statesman Mikhail Gorbachev had a very odd, political pizza pitch , appearing along with his young granddaughter in a Russian Pizza Hut though the ad was not set to run in Russia.

The program is now the "longest-running corporate-supported reading program in the country" and has reached over 60 million children. Pizza Hut introduced pan pizza in , nine years before their competition, Domino's, added the style to their menu. In , Pizza Hut and The Santa Cruz Operation created PizzaNet, an ahead-of-its-time program that allowed computer users to place orders via the internet.

Seriously, go ahead and try to order.

In , Pizza Hut became the first company to deliver pies into space. Before being sealed and sent to the International Space Station, the pizza recipe had to undergo "rigorous stabilized thermal conditions" to make sure that it would be still be edible when it got there.

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But once they started looking into it, astronomers and physicists advised them that the projected image would have to be as large as Texas to be seen from Earth—and the project would also have cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars. Better to stick with Super Bowl ads. What's the perfect way to pop the big question? In keeping with the theme, only 10 of the packages were offered. With all those locations and cheese-stuffed crusts, Pizza Hut needs a lot of dairy.

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The company uses over million pounds of cheese annually and is one of the largest cheese buyers in the world. To make that much cheese, , cows are used to produce an estimated billion gallons of milk. Something to think about the next time you order an Ultimate Cheese Lover's pizza with extra cheese. Franchise locations of companies are not always successful, and when they close, the buildings are often left untouched by their new owners rather than being demolished and replaced.

Because the hut-shaped stores have become synonymous with the company, their former locations are easy to spot. The blog "Used to Be a Pizza Hut" has an interactive map of more than ex-huts submitted by people all over the world. There is also a successful Kickstarter-funded photo book—called Pizza Hunt —documenting the "second lives" of the restaurants. Today's Google Doodle will be many people's first introduction to Sake Dean Mahomed, a noted traveler, surgeon, author, and entrepreneur who was born in Patna, India in