Dating selection process

If you keep dating the wrong men, change your selection process: Ellie

The lies, the cheating, their sneaking around, makes me paranoid about a potential future partner. Now think through what you really want in a man — honesty, loyalty and respect for your feelings. Take time to know someone and settle for nothing less in a guy, no matter his surface attributes. He painted our living room and there are paint spots on the hardwood floors and on the trim work.

He just retired after working 30 years behind a desk and now he thinks he can become a super handyman. How do I handle this without him getting angry? We are financially very secure. This will eventually lead to disaster when you wake up and you realize that you are with the absolutely wrong person for you. After only a few dates you decide that this person is the one! How would you really know that? It takes a lot of time to really get to know someone and it takes time for intimacy and trust to build. You may have mad chemistry right away but do not confuse chemistry with this is the one.

In the beginning this is only the one for your hormones! Neediness is a turn off.

It shows that you are not ok on your own. When you are needy you are showing a lack of confidence which turns you into a child rather than a sexy self-sufficient adult.

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If you are needy, I suggest you not date at all until you get more confidence. No one wants to love or take on a needy person. Yes, when you date you want to put your best face forward but if you approach dates like an audition you are coming from a place of not feeling good enough and dumbing yourself down. You should not have to audition to be in anyone's life.

Background Checks and Screening - Whether it's a job application or dating profile, we never accept everything at face value. Conducting a basic Google search or more extensive background checks helps us understand whether potential candidates are indeed what they claim to be. It's safest to uncover weaknesses or serious issues right from the start. Meeting in Person - Whether it's setting up a date for lunch or an interview at the office, we don't move ahead till we've actually met and spoken with potential mates or hires. Of course, at this point it's essential to let them do most of the talking.

This gives us an in-depth understanding of what they're like, and whether to take it further or not.

Asking for Referrals - If we can't find the right person ourselves, we ask friends and family for recommendations. We try blind dates, or look for employee referrals in the corporate world. Both give us the opportunity to widen our contacts, especially with people who are likely to enjoy similar interests as us or already working in the same industry.

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Getting "Out There" - Dating advice gurus are always suggesting that we start hanging out in areas where we might meet others with similar interests. The same applies to hiring, since we can meet a lot of potential candidates by visiting job fairs, recruitment drives and association meetings for our industry. This also helps broaden our network of contacts.

Hiring Candidates is Similar to Dating in Today's World?

Visiting Online Portals - Social media is a huge part of our personal and professional lives today, and its role in both dating and recruitment is undeniable. Following Up in Time - Whether it's someone we met for dinner and drinks or a candidate we interviewed for a position in the company, we learned the importance of keeping in touch with them.

Recruiters often lose great candidates simply because they didn't communicate with them in time, even if there's no news, and the same applies to dates. Not Being Desperate - Playing hard-to-get is considered part of the dating game, but it applies to a certain degree in recruitment too. We lose negotiating power by telling a candidate that they're absolutely perfect or making a fuss over them, before even beginning the interview.